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Is A Lack Of Consumer Awareness Holding Back Online Poker In The US?

May 13th, 2014 · No comments

Legalise Online PokerIf you are a poker fan in the United States and your state has moved to legalise online poker, you would think that you would be all over this opportunity. There has been plenty of talk and debate about the states that offer online poker and in many ways, the people or businesses trying to put down online poker have helped to create publicity for the availability of these sites and the new legislation. However, it seems as though big players in the New Jersey market are citing a lack of awareness as one of the factors that is holding back the market in New Jersey. This is the argument being put forward by Station Casino.

Surely if there is a lack of awareness of the ability to play online poker in the state it is the fault of the firms themselves? America is a company that very much believes in the free market so the poker industry and the firms involved should be doing everything they can to raise awareness and to promote this popular activity. It seems a very strange comment for a US company to make, especially when they have the chance to impact on the awareness that people have of online gaming and poker.

Firms have to expect difficulties when entering a new market

There are other issues and problems as well but it is difficult to cite issues like banking, geolocation and competition from illegal states. These were all elements that were fully known about before companies entered in the New Jersey market and shouldn’t really be cited as a reason why Station Casino recorded a $4.8m loss for its 2014 Q1 online gaming operations.  The firm didn’t really go into great detail about this loss, merely stating that the marketing costs in New Jersey were a major factor. The thing is, any firm entering a new market has to expect to have higher than standard marketing costs. It may be that Station Casino, in the rush to enter the new market, got their sums entirely wrong.

Other sites are providing a good service to poker players and they are faring better. One example is Bovada and if you want to see how well this company is faring, be sure to check out the Full Flush Poker review. There are great options for poker players in New Jersey and there are casino and poker firms that are meeting the needs and expectations of their clients.

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