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Golden Nugget Makes Its New Jersey Debut

December 18th, 2013 · No comments

Golden Nugget LogoThe more online gaming options that are made available for players the better. This is the case around the world, more choice usually provides more options for players, but in the US, it is definitely something to celebrate and be happy with. The online gaming nature in the United States is changing rapidly and in New Jersey, there has been another big name added to the list of gaming options. This is all down to the fact that the Golden Nugget site can now be found in the state and there are a total of 77 casino games to choose from.

Sadly, at the moment there is no fill-on online poker for real money in USA for players on the Golden Nugget site but there is a video poker option. This will hopefully provide players with some form of online poker outlet and there will be many people hoping that the Golden Nugget steps forward with a more dedicated online poker option. The current talk is that the Golden Nugget Poker network is due to be launched next year and it will feature on the US line-up of the Ongame Network. This network is currently the home of the Betfair New Jersey poker room.

Video poker will have to suffice at the moment

There are a total of six video poker games available on the Golden Nuggets site at the moment. There are two types of 9/6 Jacks or Better game, which is said to have a player return of 99.54%. There is an 8/5 Bonus Poker game, which has a player return of 99.17%. There is a 9/7/5 Double Bonus game, which has a player return of 99.11%. There is a 9/6 Double Double Bonus which carries a player return of 99% and there is also a 20/15/9 Deuces Wild game which carries a player return of 98%.

This means that the game with the highest level of player return is the Full Pay Jacks or Better game.

One of the most impressive features of the Golden Nugget site in New Jersey is the fact that there are currently 9 different methods available to players. It is possible to use Visa and MasterCard debit transactions and cash advance transactions. There is also an opportunity to claim a prepaid card directly from Golden Nugget. This is the sort of step that most players will agree with and there is no doubt that this is likely to be a positive option for many players.

Other options include personal checks, certified checks, electronic checks and bank wires. Players will also be able to transfer money from their standard Golden Nugget account or they can utilise cash at the cages in the Golden Nugget. The diversity of deposit methods should come as a great relief to players who have unsure about whether they could find an online poker site that provides them a viable deposit method.

When it comes to withdrawing money from the Golden Nugget New Jersey site, there are a number of options. Players can accept a bank wire, they can accept electronic check, traditional check or they can withdraw money on to their Golden Nugget prepaid card. There is also an opportunity to claim cash at the cage in the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City.

While poker players may decide to hold off until the Golden Nugget Poker site is made available, there will be some players that want to experience what is on offer when they can. This site seems like being able to deliver all of the online casino options a player could hope for.

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Casino Options Should Be Open To Everyone

December 3rd, 2013 · No comments

Golden Euro CasinoOne of the best things about the internet is that it has helped to provide people with more options and opportunities. There is a lot to be said for the emergence of the internet bringing about chances for people to have more fun. When it comes to making the world seem like a smaller place, there is no denying that the emergence of the World Wide Web has left a very positive impact on the world.

A lot of this is down to the fact that people have more options. While there can be times when it seems like people have too many choices, this is generally a good thing. Knowing that you have a wide range of casino games and sites at your disposal will always be a positive factor for players. If you are looking to play a particular game or you enjoy a theme or style, there will be a casino site that is perfect for you.

If you want to find a certain type of welcome bonus to boost your bankroll, there will definitely be an online casino to meet your preferences. Of course, playing online casinos isn’t just about bonuses or playing styles, sometimes it can be as simple as what games you have access to. While the emergence of the internet has helped people to have more options, not everyone is created equal. There are many different types of computers to choose from and a lot of these computers have different operating systems. If you use a PC or laptop, you should find that you operate on the Windows operating system. This is still the most common operating system in the world and the vast majority of online casino sites provide a download option for this system.

Find the casino software option that works for you

The thing is though, if you have a Mac or you use an open source operating system, there may not be download option for you to use. This is where you need to find an alternative way to play casino games. Thankfully, many online casino sites are keen to provide players with the playing option that they need. This is where the instant play mode, which is available in a player’s browser, will be of considerable interest to a great number of casino players.

The instant play mode is perfect for users of other operating systems or for players that would prefer not to download software on to their computer or laptop. If you are looking for a site that provides you with download and instant play options, you could do a lot worse than opt for Golden Euro Casino.

This is a casino aimed at delivering a strong playing experience for European players. The playing currency is in Euros and there are a number of different European languages to choose from. The fact that there is an instant play and download software option to choose from should help players to make the most of their free time. When it comes to finding the casino experience that is right for you, there is no excuse for settling for second best.

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US Online Poker Is Back In Business

November 19th, 2013 · No comments

US Online PokerThere is a growing confidence in the online poker community in the United States. While it has never been technically illegal to play online poker in the United States, it has also never been easy. Poker players have found so many barriers to entry that many of them decided that it wasn’t worth their while taking part in finding a poker site that they could trust. This meant that many people were being denied the poker fun and action that their European and UK counterparts were able to enjoy.

Thankfully there is a bit of a change in the attitude to online poker in the US. In fact, it feels as though US online poker is on its way to being very popular again. This can be seen in the increasing number of poker sites and companies that are looking to edge back into the market. You will lots about online poker in the United States in the news in the next few months as companies try to pick up licences and provide a better range of options for poker players in America.

US online poker is rising again

Of course, there are plenty of poker players in the US who have continued to play and loyalty means an awful lot to players. There will be new poker sites offering fantastic welcome bonuses to entice players over to their site, but you will find that players will stick with the sites that stuck by them. This is why sites like Bovada Poker are always going to be at the top of the list when it comes to US friendly poker sites. When many sites deserted the US market, there were some sites that stuck around and allowed players the chance to hone and improve their poker skills.

The thing is though; it is not as though Bovada Poker only has their loyalty to entice players to play on the site. The site offers a very strong welcome bonus where players can bag up to $1,000 when they sign up for the action. There are poker events and tournaments taking place every day of the week and you will find more than just Texas Hold ‘Em on offer. If you are the sort of online poker player that is comfortable playing many different poker disciplines, this is a poker site that you can rely on. It is great news that more United States poker players will be joining in the fun but some players have been enjoying great US friendly poker for quite a while.

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Anonymous Poker Levels the Playing Field

October 23rd, 2013 · No comments

Anonymouspokergames.comAnyone that says playing online poker is not like playing poker against other people in a hall must be playing it wrongly or playing in the wrong poker rooms. A good poker site will replicate and recreate the style and atmosphere of a poker room. When the stakes get bigger, the tension in the online poker room transforms in the exact same way. You try telling online poker players that online poker doesn’t capture the same thrill or drama as traditional poker and they will laugh at you. They will then likely challenge you to a game of online poker where they will take your money from you!

One of the great ways that online poker manages to capture the excitement and drama of traditional poker is that traits can be picked upon. If you are the sort of poker player that enjoys playing in a room against other players because you can see their twitches and read their play, you may think that online poker doesn’t cater for this. You would be wrong, online poker players carry as many tells or signs of their play or confidence as players playing in the real world. If you are the sort of poker player that makes a lot of money through preying on the nerves or mistakes of other players, you will find that online poker is of benefit to you as much as any other form of poker playing.

Make the most of your poker skills

While this is brilliant news for some players, it is clearly bad news for other poker players. There will be some poker player’s that stop playing in casinos and poker rooms because their opponents got to know what they were thinking before they played. If people felt that online poker was going to go in the same manner, they would likely stop playing.

This is where sites like Anonymous Poker level the playing field and make poker playing a more enjoyable experience for most players. You can play on site with an anonymous name and you cannot be tracked. This means you are not going into a situation where the players around the table from you know what you are going to play. This should provide you with more confidence and the chance to beat opponents who would normally hold an advantage over you.

This is definitely something that many poker players are interested in. There are many strands to poker but there is no getting away from the fact that there is a psychological element to the game. Getting into your opponents head is a major part of the game for some and the top players in the world all have great abilities about reading their opponents and the situation.

Not everyone is like this. Some players have brilliant poker skills but don’t like the psychological battles that take place. If you would rather bring the games down to a straightforward battle of poker skills, playing poker anonymously is a great way for you to feel comfortable when playing online poker.

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Online Casino Tips and Tricks

October 11th, 2013 · No comments

Online Casino TipsIf you want to have the best time possible playing at the online casinos then you want to be sure you have all of the education you can on approaching everything in the best way possible. The more you are aware of the various resources available to you and how to get the most out of those resources, the better your chances of getting ahead faster and having a better time. Here are some online casino tips and tricks that can help you get off to a great start:

It all begins by making good decisions from the start. You want to check the casino’s reviews – such as this one from – and ask other players for good ones. You should also go through the informative articles written on the online casino industry so you can learn all about the various things you should be looking at while comparing the different online casinos. Some of the areas you should know about include the software, game selection, bonuses, customer support, and banking options. By choosing wisely you can expect to have a better time playing on a secure site with great features.

Once you find the best place to play at, you need to be sure you read all about the different benefits and features the casino offers you. Each time you log into your account, you want to be sure you know about everything you can enjoy while you are on it. This means reading all of the information in the promotions section so you can earn all the bonuses possible and get involved with the exciting promotions. You also want to know how everything works regarding the games, banking options, customer support, and other features. It is often said that knowledge is power and this is true when it comes to online casinos as well.

Another thing you want to make sure you do is to set aside a specific amount of money you are going to be playing with. You never want to play with money you don’t have set aside for that particular reason. Some players play with money not in their gambling budget because they want to keep going and this can get you into a lot of trouble. Also, make sure to know the games you are going to be playing. If you need to, you can begin by playing the free games so you can gain more experience.


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