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Mobile Casinos Are Here To Stay

September 17th, 2013 · No comments

Mobile CasinosWhile it may seem as though online casinos are a modern phenomenon, there is an even newer and brighter way to play. This is thanks to the emergence of mobile casino games. You may not think that mobile casinos is that big a deal but you only need to look at the statistics for smartphone use in the US to realise that their use is on the up.

If you want a quick guide as to the importance of smartphones in the United States, studies released in March indicates that there is an awful lot of interest in this style of product. It was found that half of the US population currently uses a smart phone and this number is only going to increase. The IDC believes that by the end of 2013 the number of smartphone users in the US will rise to 181.4 million and within four years there will be 222.4 million smartphone users in the United States of America. That is an awful lot of smartphones being used and you know that many people are on their phones from morning until last thing at night.

It would be wrong to suggest that all or even half of these people want to play mobile casino games on their smartphone. There will be many people in the US who abhor gambling and will be highly offended by the thought of gambling and gaming on their phone. That is their choice but for the rest of us who enjoy gambling and the excitement it brings, it is obvious that there are going to be plenty of new casino opportunities. And with the US gambling market opening up, sites like Bet365 Mobile will probably become available for players in the United States as well.

Mobile casino games are for home use too

While mobile casinos provide a perfect opportunity to play on the go, it is not always about that. More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to access the internet when they are at home. Rather than turning on a PC or laptop, people are using their handheld devices to get online. This means that mobile casinos need to be considered an option for playing at home as much as they are considered to be the ideal option to play away from home.

At the moment, mobile casino is still limited in the US. There are not too many companies offering this playing opportunity and there are not many games available to play from. However, the figures about the rise of smartphone use indicate that this is not likely to stay the same. There will be more mobile casinos to choose from and there will be plenty more games on offer for mobile casino players in the US. This can only be a good thing for the millions of casino players in America.

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Online poker lovers are always looking for a great place to find the poker information that they need and want, and when it comes to rock solid, honest reviews about Texas Hold ‘Em sites, there is no better source for information than the website.  Players can stop in and find out all they need to know about everything to do with online poker, and the best online Texas Hold ‘Em sites out there.

TexasHoldEmOnline.orgMARCH 29, 2013 – There is now a place where online Texas Hold ‘Em players of all skill levels to find the best information out there about the game, the history of the game and what to look for in poker rooms so players can make the best choice for their needs. 

It can be really frustrating for poker players that love to play online when they are faced with many different poker rooms to choose from, but not much information about those choices.  They don’t know about payment methods, whether they will be able to enjoy playing for real money, or what the bonus system looks like.  Unfortunately, many of the online reviews that players come across are nothing more than a sales pitch, and that can cause players to feel like they’ve been mislead.

That’s why the folks at are working to make sure that they provide essential information to poker lovers of all skill levels so they can find the very best option when they are seeking a great Texas Hold ‘Em poker room for their needs.  When players stop by, they can expect to find an extensive history of the game of poker and where it’s gone since hitting the internet.  They can also browse around and find honest reviews of great Texas Hold ‘Em online poker rooms.

Not only will players get to enjoy this information when they visit the website, but they will also find great tips to help them make the best decision when it comes to any online poker room.  All of this is provided by people that love the game as much as you do; they know what you want and they are working to provide it.  Plus, it’s free and you don’t have to give your information to be able to enjoy the benefits of stopping by. 

If you’re looking for top notch online Texas Hold ‘Em information, then take a look at and see what you can learn about this game and the poker rooms where you choose to play.


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For those that are looking for a great place to go to play their online poker, the first thing to do is often find some solid reviews to help them choose the right online poker room for them.  Whether players want to know about their VIP rewards, or they are interested in finding out about the tournaments, or they want to know anything in between, can help players to choose a site and start playing right away.

FEBRUARY 4, 2013 – Online poker players around the world are seeking information on all different kinds of online poker rooms, and now there is a site that can help players to make the most of their reviews by helping them to get started playing right away.  In fact, players can play now at, simply by checking out some reviews and deciding which poker room will be the best for them.

The reviews that this site offers contain some of the best, most honest information out there; so if a poker room is great for tournaments, but not the right one when it comes to bonuses – these reviews will tell it like it is.  That means that players get to make the best choice for their needs, no matter what they are looking for in a poker room.

When players choose to visit, they are going to get some of the best information about online poker available.  They won’t be stuck with a site that sells them something and they won’t have to worry about committing to something they don’t want before they get a strong understanding of what the many poker rooms out there are all about, because this site doesn’t require players to offer any personal information or payments.

Online poker players of all skill levels are sure to love the way that Real Money Online Poker knows just what you want to know, and makes sure to include all the essential information so the choice becomes easier than players might have thought.  In fact, even players in the US can check this site out, because Real Money Online Poker reviews US poker rooms too.

Why not stop by and visit this site, get the information that you need and play now at  There is no time like right now to get started playing the online poker that you’ve been looking for, and when you have the right tools, you can find the perfect online poker room for your needs.

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Getting Bored with your Current Online Poker Room? Merge Poker Network can Help

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Merge Poker NetworkIf you’re tired of the same old thing when it comes to your online poker experience, then you should find an alternative. Let’s face it – playing on the same site over and over again can get old. The tournaments get old, the buy ins get old, the amount of money it costs you to enjoy a tournament can get old and before you know it, you’re bored out of your mind and playing less than you ever thought you would. This is what it’s like to get bored with a poker room, but it doesn’t have to happen to you.

Maybe a poker room starts out great, but over time, the opportunities start to lag and the fun can really dwindle. As you get better, you need a new group of people to play with and different competition too – and this is where Merge Poker Network can help you.

Oh, sure, there is a lot more to this site than just a ton of available online poker rooms to choose from – like the resources, such as great reviews that give details about everything from bonuses to what kind of tournaments the poker room offers and what it will take to get in on them when you want to. You’ll also find out how to cash in on your bonuses, what the game play is like and so much more.

If it’s resources that you’re after, you’re going to love the top notch breakdown you’ll get of all the poker games that you can play. So, the next time you want to branch out, you’ll be well prepared and have a breakdown of all the rules.

There’s more to this site than resources – as great as they are. Take the access that you’ll have to some of the best online poker rooms out there – plus, if you’re seeking bonus codes, then this is your place to get them. Not only that, but when you sign on with Merge Poker Network, you’re going to get access to so many sites that are legal for your area – so all you have to worry about is joining great poker games and building the tools to win.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about downloading software after software for each poker room you wanted to play on? Now you don’t have to because Merge Poker Network gives you access to some of the best poker rooms, with the best tournaments, and best bonuses and all it will take you is one, easy to enjoy download.

The next time you’re thinking about making your online poker experience more exciting, why not consider checking out Merge Poker Network? With access to some of the hottest online poker rooms on the internet, and the most tournament and game play options, why would you consider playing online poker anywhere else?

Isn’t it time to spice up your online poker playing and increase your chances for winning even more? Merge Poker Network can help.

Want to learn more about Merge Poker Network? Please click here to visit today, to get all the details you need about the network, the poker rooms, the type of poker games, and the type of side games you can play.

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Looking for Poker News? has Got What Players Want

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Play Poker OnlineAs is the case with many favorite past times out there, online poker players want news about online poker.  They want to know about the professionals and what they are doing, and they want to know about other types of news floating around in the land of online poker. has taken the time to offer the news that players crave and can’t find anywhere else and it’s all free.

MAY 25, 2012  –  For the online poker player that seeks honest, objective reviews on online poker rooms, details about each poker room that is reviewed and wants all the extras that many poker review sites simply don’t offer, is becoming number one.  Part of this growing popularity is due to the fact that online poker players are tired of review sites that simply “sell” the poker rooms that sponsor the site.  Time after time, a site sounds great and players are sucked in, only to discover that the bonuses are too hard to enjoy, the tournaments are too hard to enjoy and the poker room simply isn’t what was promised. not only offers top notch reviews, but they work hard to offer players everything that they want when it comes to information and news in the online poker community.  For instance, players that love to stay on top of what’s going on in the online poker industry will enjoy the industry news section of  Those players that are eager to check out new reviews will enjoy the reviews of top notch online poker rooms in the news section of this great review site.

For those online poker players that want to know what’s going on with tournaments, the tournament section of the news on will be just what players are seeking.  This is where all players can go to find out what’s going on with the big tournament poker rooms, so players can have an edge, be informed and choose where they play accordingly.

So many people who play poker online want to know more than just what type of bonus is being offered at an online poker room, smart players need and want to know more.  They want to know the ins and outs of the poker rooms they might choose to play.  Smart online poker players know that winning has more to do with being informed and using the tools that are available to them so they can know more, learn more and continuously be a better player. knows that it takes a lot of great information to be the best poker player possible and they want all players to have the opportunity to enjoy the game and make the most of each game they play.  That’s why the staff and writers work so hard to provide top notch reviews, information and extras for all players to enjoy.

You can play poker on almost any online poker site, or you can play poker well when you know what type of online poker room will work best for your skill level and needs.  Let help you to choose the right sites for you.

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