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Say What? Learn Some of the Most Common Poker Terms

June 7th, 2011 · No comments

If you’re new to playing poker online, you may be a little unfamiliar with the terminology that gets thrown around during the course of a game. If you’ve tuned in to a televised poker event, you may be missing half the words that the commentators are saying, because they’re poker slang. Never fear– you’ll be speaking like a pro in no time with this guide to some of the most common poker-specific terms.
No Bad Beats Poker
Bad beat: A hand where you lose, despite having a strong hand with the statistical advantage before an opponent got lucky on a draw. This typically means that either your strong hand loses to an even stronger one or your opponent is playing in a way that defies logic and game theory, and therefore simply “gets lucky”. Suffering from a bad beat can be the kiss of death for many poker players, even professional ones, many of whom are known for going on tilt when they encounter a loss like this. While some sites offer minor protection against bad beats, one new site is taking it a step further. No Bad Beats Poker, which launched its beta at the beginning of 2011, will return a player’s wager if they would have lost it on a bad beat.

Donkey: An inexperienced player, especially one who makes a lot of stupid plays that are not logical or seemingly advantageous. Playing with a donkey can severely mess up the game for the experienced players in the room, so this term is never complimentary. If someone calls you a donkey, perhaps it’s time to study some poker strategy before playing again (or find a room with a lower buy-in, as these often have less experienced players). Sometimes, the term is used to describe someone who pushes on when logic says to fold. Nothing causes a bad beat like a donkey.

Rakeback: When a poker site or casino gives you a part of the percentage they’ve taken from each pot. The percentage that they take is the rake, hence rakeback– they’re giving the rake that they took from you back to you. Some sites are dead set against offering rakebacks (it’s a cut of their profits, as rakes are how casinos and sites make money with poker, as you’re playing against other people and not the house), but others offer various amounts. Most sites offer rakebacks of under 30%, and you typically have to claim your rakebacks regularly if you want to get them (they’re hoping that you don’t remember or know to claim them). The No Bad Beats Poker rakeback is one of the best available, however; with the right code, you can get between 35-40%, and the No Bad Beats Poker rakeback is directly deposited into your account once a week.

Tilt: When a player loses his cool, usually after a bad beat, and begins playing in a way that is not strategically advantageous. Making other players go on tilt is an essential part of poker, as it causes them to show vulnerabilities in their game that wouldn’t be exposed any other way.

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