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Is Bitcoin A Viable Option For US Poker Players?

January 10th, 2014 · No comments

Bitcoin PokerUnless you have been hibernating for the past year or keeping yourself away from the rest of the world, it is likely that you will have heard about Bitcoin. There has been a growing awareness of this form of currency, which is seen as an online currency. The exchange rate of Bitcoins varies wildly at times but people who have had access to Bitcoin currency for a considerable period of time are now experiencing a fantastic return on their value. Inevitably, this has created a situation where there is a high level of demand to use this currency. More and more people want to get into the Bitcoin craze before it is too late and an increasing number of businesses are accepting Bitcoin currency in exchange for goods or services.

This has relevancy for US poker players as Americas Cardroom, which is found on the Winning Poker Network, has announced that they now accept deposits in the form of Bitcoin deposits. This makes Americas Cardroom the latest poker room in the world to accept this form of payment, which provides a massive seal of approval to Bitcoin. The deposits will be converted to $ for playing and at the moment, there is no option for players to withdraw funds in Bitcoin. It is believed that this option is currently in development but at the moment, players will only be able to fund their account with Bitcoin.

This moves follows on from, which can be found on iPoker, becoming the first large scale network site to allow deposits to be made with Bitcoin. This occurred in March 2013. However, the site which has created the most attention for the use of Bitcoin would have to be SealsWithClubs. In the past year, this poker site saw the cash game traffic it experienced double due to its acceptance of Bitcoin. 2013 was a massive year for the virtual currency, probably the year it went over ground, and the value of the currency skyrocketed. This led to many people wanting to use the currency and SealsWithClubs found itself in the right place at the right time.

Bitcoin is a great option for US poker players

When you think of the amount of difficulties there has been in making deposits to some US poker sites, it is easy to see why the use of Bitcoin is an option that some will want to offer. For some players, the addition of Bitcoin options will be a great asset whereas other people will be scratching their head at this addition. After all, it is so difficult to use genuine currency and money to fund your online poker account on many sites, so the addition of this new style of currency will seem like a strange step for some. However, an increase in options is always likely to be of benefit for the industry. There will be fears and concern over some people who will utilise Bitcoin as a way of covering their dodgy dealings but for many other people, it will represent an easy way to play online poker. There will definitely be some critics complaining about what Bitcoin represents but it is important to bear in mind that many US poker players simply want to play online poker.

Given that Americas Cardroom accepts players from across most of America, players in Washington State, Maryland and Kentucky are unable to play, this is big news. The site has a very strong reputation amongst the US poker community, so this addition is likely to raise a lot of eyebrows and it could see other poker sites copying this activity. There is no doubt that the use of Bitcoin provides a viable way for US poker players to fund their accounts. As soon as Americas Cardroom develops their cashier system to enable Bitcoin currency to be withdrawn, you may see a major change in the makeup of US poker players and the sites they opt for.

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