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Finding the Site That’s Right for You

April 12th, 2011 · No comments

Deciding where to play poker online has never been more difficult than it is today. There are countless sites to choose from, all with different bonuses and offers. Several professional poker players have stories about how they’ve managed to win millions when they started out with a ten dollar bankroll or no money at all (playing freerolls). Is this even possible? If it is, then surely you want to find the best opportunity, the one that will let you start with the smallest investment so that you can create a big return without too much risk. How do you sort through all the promotions and pick a place where you can play poker online?

First of all, if you’re American, your search just got a lot simpler. Because of the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, when it was slipped in as a rider on a more meaningful piece of legislature by a sneaky conservative, banks and financial institutions in the United States are banned from providing funds directly into online poker sites. Does this mean you can’t play? Certainly not. It means two things: you will have to go through a third party site, such as PayPal, Epassporte, or the like, or use a prepaid credit card in order to fund your account, which is a hassle of varying degrees. Prepaid cards are quick to get but require having cash on hand, while third-party sites can transfer money to and from your checking account, but usually take about a week to set up. While the United States isn’t the only country to pass this kind of legislation, it’s the best known because it caused an actual schism in the poker sites that were available before the UIGEA, which then had to decide whether they wanted to go through the trouble of accommodating US players.

Trying to decode the bonuses and incentive offers is the next big step in picking a site where you want to play poker online. Some sites have bonus offers that are constantly changing– while Bodog, for instance, will always make you one of the best offers on the internet, exactly what you can get often depends on the time and the referral code you find, whereas a Full Tilt referral code will typically always get you the same 100% match on up to 600 dollars. Many websites that review poker sites will offer a variety of referral codes, but if in doubt, you can always find one on the poker site’s main page (i.e., visiting Lock Poker will give you a Lock Poker referral code, while visiting Full Tilt’s homepage will provide you the option to usa a Full Tilt referral code like GH600). The one on the poker site’s page may not have some of the perks and bonuses of other websites, so it’s important to shop around and make sure you’re getting the most out of signing up at a new site.

With enough searching, you could be on your way to playing poker with the stars. Finding the right site will be your key to getting the most out of it when you play poker online.

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