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5 Most Popular Casino Games

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Top 5 Most Popular Real Money Casino Games


The sheer volume of slot machines found in any casino as well as the fact that online slots make up over 80% of any online casinos profit margin are more than enough confirmation that slot machine are undoubtedly the most popular of real money casino games.

People love to play slots as much for the flashing lights, sounds, and 3D graphics on the newer games as for the payouts and progressive jackpots. Whether you’re a fan of slots or not, there is no denying these one armed bandits are the hottest games in gambling.


Blackjack is loved by all gamblers for the simple fact that this is the one game in which the knowledgeable player can even the odds against the house. A simple game in which each player is pitted against the dealer in an attempt to reach 21 (blackjack) without busting. Another great aspect of the game is that even if you don’t get a very high hand, you can still win the hand if the dealer busts as long as you don’t bust first.


Poker is not only popular in casinos and online casinos, but just about anywhere. It has become so popular in fact that there are gambling sites strictly committed to the multiple varieties of the game. Even people who have never sat down to a poker table in a casino, or online will often have regular games with their friends. What makes the game of poker so appealing is the ability to win a hand without having the best hand, or even having to show it in some cases.


An exceptionally fun game in which the odds are not only obvious, but usually printed right on the table for each bet. The odds are the same with each spin, so there are no surprises. Players have the option to place a single bet that will cover half the board, one third of the board, all the way down to a specific number bet to pay off the highest odds when they hit. There are a number of systems available for playing this game, each with their own merit. More info can be found at, a site with everything you always wanted to know about the game of roulette.


From the street corner to the casinos, craps games are very popular, especially amongst high rollers. The game is played with a pair of dice with players rotating as the shooter after the previous shooter craps out. Other players around the table can bet with or against the shooter in any number of ways once the first round has been played. With a wide range of odds and the social interaction around the table, it’s no wonder this exciting game is so popular.

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