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Companies and workers look in Ontineña for opportunities in the heat of Gran Scala

March 17th, 2009 · No comments

The City council already receives offers for construction and individuals want to register in a job-list that does not exist.

Is it necessary to already register for a job in Gran Scala? Like it is also necessary to look out for luck sometimes, some people have started called to the City council of Ontiñena to be first in the list of possible employees. The telephone never stops ringing since they have been speaking about opportunities. Gran Scala was announced to launch in 2012 with 26,000 direct job opportunities. Already there are many companies that have shown interest to settle down in the neighborhood of Low Cinca, where the construction of the great complex of leisure and gaming is predicted to occupy more than 2,000 hectares.

At the moment, there is no possibility to register for a job in the future leisure and luxury casino complex. However, in the presentation that the developer of Gran Scala, ILD, gave on the 25th February, the neighbors of Ontiñena did not solely listen to the possible number of employees these jobs will create in Gran Scala.

According to one attendant, of the 26,000 employees needed, the majority will work in the hotels and casinos (7,000), in the rooms (5,000) and the bars and restaurants (4,000). This number will get up to 65,000 in 2022, when the Gran Scala project will be finalized. In addition to these, 135,000 more can be added indirectly before that specific date. ILD affirms that experts consider a coefficient multiplication of 2.1 over the direct jobs to estimate indirect jobs.

Registration for jobs is expected to start this June

Until then, it will be a long time before it is actually necessary to hire employees for the complex’ construction. For this reason, one of ILD’s partners, Europtime, is going to create a registry with all the Aragonese companies that have the capacity to work in the construction of the Gran Scala complex as of June of this year, since it is anticipated that the works begin before the year end of this year. However, they also emphasized that “external (international) companies will be only contracted when local companies don’t have the power to realize specific special and technical assignments”.

They clarified that each operator is going to have his own process of hiring employees, but that ILD is going to centralize the majority of the processes, giving people within the neighborhood priority. In addition, they also aim to subscribe the necessary agreements with organizations and unions from and around Aragon.

The mayor of Ontiñena, Ángel Torres, assures that he has proposals on the table and that many industrialists have been invited for meetings to estimate the possibilities that have become available for the community. “But it is still too early to speak about these matters”, he noticed. Now, the popular Ángel Torres has finally found a moment to breath, after four intense months of work since the announcement was made on the 7th of October that they chose for an option which lasted until the 10th of February, to sign the first options to purchase thousands of hectares of land from individuals in Ontiñena.

At the moment the people are requested to be patient as a registry to apply for jobs does not yet exist.  According to the mayor, the majority of people that have shown interest are related to construction and the earthwork. Torres also emphasized that another sector, a theme attraction park, has shown serious  interest in opening a park in the area. Various industrialists and companies have called to ask about the possibilities of participating or to open their business within the enclosure of Gran Scala.

Banking organizations

The lottery did not affected anything. It seemed like the whole world came to town on the 10th of February when the signing of contracts to purchasing options started. Banking organizations obtained checks from respective organizations. It was about 4% of the the total value of the property (8,000 Euros per hectare), that ILD, the developer of Gran Scala, paid to each proprietor, with a total of 320,000 Euros paid. It took banking organizations all day to confirm and obtain the checks.

Money makes money and for that reason banking organizations also want to settle down in Ontiñena. Until this moment, Ibercaja, Multicaja, Banco Central and BBVA have shown interest to open offices. Because of the last case, about banking organizations, Ángel Costa, who is one of the persons who has signed to purchase an option, assures that his organization wants to open an office. In fact, directors of other businesses from near locations accompanied him that day and started inspecting local commercial companies.

Another banking organization, one already present in the nearby area, noticed that they still hadn’t considered expanding, because it is simply still too early to decide. This was said by mayor Ángel Torres, but on the other hand he noticed that many people still call him for information.

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