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Expo Zaragoza 2008

December 17th, 2007 · No comments

Expo Zaragoza 2008

Expo 2008 is a planned international exposition to be held from 14th June to 14th September 2008 and coordinated by the Bureau of International Expositions organization which is responsible for sanctioning World’s Fairs.The 2008 expo will be held in Zaragoza, Spain, with the topic of “Water and sustainable development“. The event is being placed in a meander of the river Ebro.

Zaragoza, host city for the International Exposition, is the administrative and financial capital of the autonomous community of Aragon and the fifth largest Spanish city in inhabitants (660,000), behind Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville. Zaragoza was elected the host city of Expo 2008 on December 16, 2004 by the BIE, beating Thessaloniki (Greece) and Trieste (Italy).

The exhibition’s most emblematic buildings will be the Water Tower, a 80-metre-high transparent building designed by Enrique de Teresa to evoke a drop of water, Zaha Hadid’s Bridge Pavilion and the river aquarium. The exposition site will also host several espectacles, including a daily parade by Cirque du Soleil called The Awakening of the Serpent.

Aside from the countries, non-government organizations and private companies will be taking part in Expo 2008, always with the idea of water and sustainable development. The Expo 2008 host committee has estimated that this event could generate 135 million euros in receipts for admission to the exhibition centre.

Source: WikiPedia

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